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Candidate ideology is all about creating a dynamic candidate experience while recruiting them. One should take care of everything right from steps to procedure that is to be taken when going through the process of recruitment. Each growing and renowned company should always play it mindful of experience the candidate has after the interview session or meeting with the concerned company or firm. Any sort of interaction that is done with the candidate should be friendly so that candidate feels relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether you hire the specific candidate or no because the good impression the candidate gets of your company is priceless. Later, the spread of word about variety of perspective related to the company from candidates point of vie is beneficial. It helps develop the industries reputation, not just that it even cultivates an urge in the candidates heart to work worth your company one day.

Our main motto at Gratitude India is to create a positive candidate experience. We at Gratitude India discuss goals and ambition of the candidate before allotting the list of available job.

We at Gratitude India truly believe that following the code of ethics leads to a successful company. One must approach their work in an ethical way along with a professional attitude. Some basic rules of discipline and integrity include:

1) Indulgence in safe and healthy work environment

2) Proper use and protection of company assets and property

3) Privacy when dealing with companies confidential information to avoid forgery

4) Manage company records in an organized and accurate way

5) Play it safe and sound to avoid conflicts with competitors by being alert in the business

6) Lastly, timely update of documents for record purpose to keep in track of progress.

Bpo briefing is a powerful tool to kick-start communication in any organization which is helpful at the time of recruiting specific candidates. Both company and candidate require bpo briefing for smooth work scenario process. The briefing process include certain key issues like:

1) Employee issues of working hours and days

2) The location of job and allowance details

3) Actual Ctc (salary) update based on specific job profile

4) Kind of attire to worn to the office either formal or informal

5) Documents and certificates that need to be submitted

6) A brief intro on work culture and office environment.

6) Lastly, entire brief on incentives, bonus and prohibition period of candidate.

We at Gratitude India take special care of Bpo briefing process to gain maximum output from the candidate and everything the company has to offer.

Gratitude India

Gratitude India