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“GRATITUDE INDIA”, established in 2004, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, which is well recognized as leading professional Manpower Recruitment Consultancy.

With the operations of the company handled by industry professionals, we as a team are able to successfully cater to the recruitment and staffing requirements of BPO sector from onshore to offshore locations.

We are based at three locations in India; with our Head Office at Mumbai and the rest two at New Delhi and Bangalore.

Candidate ideology is all about creating a dynamic candidate experience while recruiting them.

One should take care of everything right from steps to procedure that is to be taken when going through the process of recruitment.

Each growing and renowned company should always play it mindful of experience the candidate has after the interview session or meeting with the concerned company or firm.

Any sort of interaction that is done with the candidate should be friendly so that candidate feels relaxed.

It doesn’t matter whether you hire the specific candidate or no because the good impression the candidate gets of your company is priceless.

Later, the spread of word about variety of perspective related to the company from candidates point of vie is beneficial.

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